Beautiful Disaster

Mr. “C” contacted me before the holidays to overhaul his sideboard.  We agreed to meet after the New Year, because after hearing his vision and seeing his inspiration, I knew we were going to need to come up with a serious strategy.  Ultimately, we decided on a red and mustard-yellow color scheme and adding a stain to darken the exposed wood and to temper the paint colors.  Mr. “C” wanted the piece to “look like it had been sitting in some old warehouse, waiting to be discovered.”  I’ll be the first to admit that I was following his vision the whole way, as it varied quite dramatically from my other work.  That said, it was fun to expand my limits, try new techniques, and come up with something so very different than my standard work.  Thanks Mr. “C” for pushing my out of my comfort zone!  He even went so far as to name the piece, the “Beautiful Disaster.”  Don’t let the name fool you.  Although beautiful, it is far from a disaster!

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