Besty Desky

I chuckle at the adventures these two little ladies have had. One of my favorite memories is spending the night at her house so that we could wake up in the morning and mow the lawn, the prize for which was my very own set of press-on nails! And to top it off, she had a real office at her house, with a typewriter, a phone with TWO phone lines, a postage scale, and an ADDING MACHINE with real tape. We were livin’ the dream!

Many years later (more than I care to admit), we’re still goin’ strong. Though on opposite sides of the country, my “besty” commissioned me to do a desk for her. I was really conflicted working on it, because I felt extreme pressure (self-induced) to make this perfect for her, yet at the same time felt a little lax knowing she’d forgive any flaw, as she’s always done. After all, that’s what being a great friend is about.

As an ode to my dear friend, I staged this piece with some of our favorite books. Though our phone conversations are still as long as in our high school days (primarily due to constant interruptions by our children), our face time has diminished from daily to once-a-year at most. Our common experiences now are books…it’s as if we can be together through the pages of a novel.
Love ya Kel!

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