I once knew a girl who grew up in the Philippines. When she was born, her dad bought her a dog, which they named “Brownsie.” When she was older, she came home one day to find Brownsie missing. After avoiding it as long as she could, her mom finally decided to confront the neighbors, who confessed that they had eaten Brownsie. When asked why they did it, they replied, “it just looked so good.”

Rather odd, I admit, to introduce this piece with such a disturbing story. But as I painted this little beauty and had fun with her deep, rich chocolaty color, I soon came to realize that she too just looks so good. So I named her in honor of Brownsie, the deceased. May we ever strive to resist eating things that come in an irresistible shade of chocolate (be it food, paint, or…dog).

If you were to buy Brownsie, which would you pick–the turquoise or yellow “Pottery Exchange Knob” from Anthropologie?

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