One of the great things about Central New York is that it seems to be in a perpetual state of “garage sale mode.” Let me explain: one day while cleaning out our garage and shed, we had a pile of random stuff to get rid of: chicken wire, hose nozzles, etc. I set them out at the end of the driveway, the universal sign in Syr for “it’s all yours.” My husband noticed what I was doing and told me he didn’t want that stuff sitting out there and would rather throw it away. Before the words were out of his mouth, around the corner came some guys in a pick up truck, who hopped out, asked it they could have it, and scooped up all that we had to offer. Dang it if I didn’t have more stuff to add to the pile, but they were too fast. Once the hubs picked his jaw back up and smiled a smile to say, “you were right” (I get that smile a lot), we started to laugh. It’s crazy what people put out on the side of the road…and crazier what people will pick up from the side of the road.

So last Fall, we were on a family bike ride and I saw this dresser on the end of a driveway. I screeched to a halt (not really, I was towing 2 kids in a trailer behind me), inspected it, and asked my husband to quickly go get the car while we fought off any other vultures that might be circling. Success! Now it was our neighbor’s turn to laugh.

I couldn’t believe how nice this dresser was. We disposed of the hefty mirror that mounted on the back (you guessed it…end of the driveway, didn’t last an hour) and had ourselves a serious dresser, complete with a divided top drawer and casters (hallelujah–this thing is heavy!). I’d already had a design in mind for a while: vintage comic covers (compliments of Mr. Bob, our resident collector who lives next door), logo knobs (compliments of Graphical Interiors), and STRIPES. It had to have stripes.

This wee beastie was covered in the living room waiting to be discovered Christmas morning, alongside Ms. Meelee. It was so fun to see how thrilled my little guy was to get this. Not only was he still cramming his clothes into a chest of drawers that could barely hold his socks, this new one is comic-themed. Knowing my husband, and his father, who both are collectors, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. And, just like daddy, Bubba writes and illustrates his own comics too. Love my guys!

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