Code Name: Jackie

As a child, I had the world’s best babysitter named Jackie.  I can’t remember much beyond her physical appearance (long California blonde hair even Barbie would kill for), but I was hopelessly devoted to her and remain loyal to this day, as evidenced by the fact that all my stuffed animals and dolls have never undergone name changes and all still respond to their first given name:  Jackie.  I had a cowgirl-themed “Glamour Gal” that was the original Jackie of my toy menagerie, and, despite the fact that my other brothers never permitted their GI Joe action figures to go on dates with her, I played with her constantly.  Of course, she had long silky blond hair too.

I eventually outgrew dolls and stuff animals and moved on to more “grown up” things, such as wallets.  My first wallet was perfect–complete with those little cardboard credit card placeholders.  Well, I liked to pretend those were real credit cards (because practice makes perfect and all that) and  personalized it.  Beneath my name, in small lettering I wrote “Code name:  Jackie.”  As any older brother would, when mine stumbled upon my private wallet contents, he mercilessly teased me about “Code Name:  Jackie,” and still does.

Many years later, I have a new Jackie in my life.  Although she doesn’t don a cowgirl hat, I’m pretty devoted to this one too.  Knowing that I’ll be moving out of state shortly after our winter melts, new Jackie approached me about doing a hutch for her.  How could I say ‘no’ to a Jackie?  Well, here she is…probably my most favorite inanimate ‘Jackie’ ever.

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