Garden of Earthly Delights

In college I took an amazing Art History class. One thing that made it great (aside from the art itself) was the instructor who had a heavy Long Island accent (which is novel in San Diego) and who paced the length of the lecture hall floor. Add to this the fact that he had a lapel mic that had a cord. He’d get so tangled up in it that it was hard not to laugh aloud while he unwove (sic) the web he’d spun himself into. Another entertaining mannerism was his obsession with “air quotes.” He’d do them so much, and was usually holding the mic because it kept flying off when he’d step on the cord, that it became more of a one-handed gesture. It had a way of making him look more frantic and disheveled…which he didn’t need a lot of help at. But my absolute favorite thing about the class (or about the professor) was his use of the term “naughty bits” to describe pieces of art containing nudity. Here we were, a class full of college students and he is pointing out anatomy and referring to it as “naughty bits” like we were in preschool. It cracked me up.

Of all the “naughty bits” displayed via projector on the wall of that lecture hall, the work titled “Garden of Earthly Delights” takes the cake for the most naughty bits in one painting. Though this dresser has a very PG rating, I consider it a visual bouquet of delight, but instead of “naughty bits,” it does so with bold colors, strong lines, casters and floral prints.

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