Green Monster

We live in a green house that I dubbed “The Green Monster” before we even purchased it.  I love our house. It’s been good to us.  If it wasn’t a temporary living arrangement, however, I would have painted it 5 years ago.  I’ve never been fond of the exterior color, but to illustrate that tastes vary dramatically, I recently had dinner interrupted by a couple who wanted to match their color swatches to our house because they liked the color so much and wanted to paint their house the same.  I had the worst poker face, I admit.  I think my shameful response was something as eloquent as, “Really?  Why would you want that color?!”

If only the shade of green was closer to this deep and inviting milk paint hue, I’d happily change the name to something other than “monster.”  In honor of this house, which will soon be for sale (wow, I really know how to sell it by leading with how I don’t care for the exterior color, huh?), I present little “Green Monster:”

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