Major Hepplewhite

Meet “the Major.”  This is the first piece I’ve worked on that felt more masculine than feminine.  He’s got a stockier build, solid as they come, and a touch of swagger (who can blame him?).  As for the name, there was a college quarterback named “Major Applewhite.”  That name was memorable for me…I wondered what parents would be brave enough to name their son “Major” and thought how fortunate he ended up being a football player, ’cause a quarterback can totally pull that name off, right?  When searching for hardware for this piece, I learned that the official name of these knobs is “Hepplewhite.”  The names meshed in my mind and that’s how “Major Hepplewhite” came to be.  Finished in a bold red and complete with drawer linings featuring antique bicycles, this piece is a win-win in a master bedroom (my husband even asked if we could keep it!).

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