Ms. Molly

This sweet little ombre dresser was commissioned for little Ms. Molly, who is soon to be a big sister and getting a “big girl” room.  Playing on colors from her new quilt, we went with a bluish-grey pallet.  I love the look of the colors with the mid-century style of the piece.  And those legs–love them!

A little story about “ombre:”  I was in high school when my uncle married a Peruvian woman.  With her came her sweet son who knew little English at the time.  Thinking I’d be suave, I attempted speaking in Spanish (hey, I’d had plenty of spanish classes at school–I was equal to the challenge).  When it was time to eat, I, thinking myself so clever for remembering how to ask someone in Spanish if he was hungry, busted out with “¿tienes hombre?”(remember, the “h” is silent in Spanish).

Now, in Spanish you ask someone if they have hunger.  So I got the phrasing right.  The problem with this inquiry, however, was that hunger is “hambre”, not “hombre,” which happens to translate to “man.”  Basically I asked this 6 year old if he’s got a man, rather than asking him if he was hungry.  I remember watching as his face went from confused to bemused and he corrected, “hambre.”  Uh, yeah, that.  Thankfully, English came really easy for him 🙂  And this is why I’m a little gun-shy when saying the word “ombre.”

¿Tienes hambre por ombre?  Si, yo tengo!


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