Narnia in the Nursery

I had a client searching for a “Chifforobe” for her nursery. “A what?” you may ask. It’s a piece of furniture that combines the elements of a wardrobe and dresser, with both hanging storage and shelves and/or drawers. I found a perfect piece…with only a few potential hang-ups: 1) it was MASSIVE and I wasn’t sure it would fit in her space and 2) it was horrid, painted an enamel-like “pepto” pink on the inside. After measuring we discovered it would fit and after a lot of paint stripper, our obstacles were surmounted and I got to work.

Because little Ms. E decided not to find out what she’s having (ps-I don’t have that kind of self control), she chose a neutral pallet–two different shades of grey and white. I love the stripes (though I didn’t love them while I was dealing with tape that kept removing my work!). The interior gray is lighter than the exterior, so it really gives the piece dimension.

Right now I’m reading the Chronicles of Narnia with my kids. While working on this piece, I couldn’t help but think of the wardrobe through which the Pevensies accessed Narnia. As a side note, I tried, but couldn’t get in.

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