One book I love to read is Howl’s Moving Castle. It’s refreshingly unique and quirky and I fall in love with the characters each time I read it. The wizard Howl, aka The Wizard Pendragon, is a “colorful” guy–one who has a stockpile of cosmetics and hair dyes that no one is allowed to touch. But my favorite part about him is his knack for “slithering out” of responsibility, earning him the title of “Slither-Outer.” He drives others crazy the way he dodges people, obligations, and conflict. In some ways, it’s a strength, in others a weakness (did I mention Christian Bale does his voice in Hayao Miyazaki’s adaptation to the screen?).

This little hutch reminds me of the Wizard Pendragon in that I’ve had it for so long, and yet it seemed to “slither out” of ever getting revitalized. She needed some work, but nothing a little cosmetics couldn’t fix. And although she’s a unassuming grey, the papered back sure adds color to her personality. I love her key, suggesting she, like Howl has a few secrets of her own.

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