As a child, my dad and his brothers had a pet parakeet named Perry. Calling him a “pet” doesn’t really capture Perry’s place in the family–he was a member of the family. He sat on the table at mealtimes, was never in his cage but rather always found perched on a shoulder of one of the four boys of the house. If not perched on a shoulder, Perry found other places to chill, including the top of an open door. One day, an uncle-who-shall-not-be-named, in a temper, stomped into his room and slammed the door, thus snuffing out the life of Perry the Parakeet. It’s still a sensitive topic.

Here is my ode to Perry. Doesn’t the color just capture that vibrant yellowish-green of a parakeet? Fittingly, my client came across these wonderful hand-painted bird knobs, a coincidence that worked perfectly. Although not pictured, Perry also boast of an ornate mirror, as any bird would demand. Perry will be joining Pixie to complete a brilliant look in my client’s master bedroom.

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