Who doesn’t love Mo Willem’s Pigeon?  As I edited these pictures, I could swear that little guy was peering at me in every picture, begging me to be the namesake of this piece.  And you know how persistent he can be! The color of the piece definitely lent some influence to the name as well.  And it didn’t help that my girls were watching Lady and the Tramp in the other room, with Tramp calling Lady “Pidge” the whole time (though I’ve never understood the nickname, I find it catchy).

This sweet little bookcase is intended for a “big girl’s room”–one being created for a soon-to-be big sister.  I love the detail of the carved bottom.  The back is done in the lovely Lofty Larks paper and coordinates with the dresser designed for the same space (post soon to follow).

Can I say how tempted I was to keep it?  I’ve longed for a bookcase with character for my children’s books.  Guess I’ll be hunting for another one!

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