Introducing my latest…Pixie. Not sure what about her inspired this name, except that with all the sanding I did, I was constantly covered in teal dust…like Pixie Dust (minus the flying). Or perhaps it had something to do with my music selection while working on her…The Pixies (one of my favs). I loved this pieces from the start–even before her transformation, though I must admit she looks better now. It was decided that she’d keep her original hardware since it was so spiffy, as well as keeping her drawers natural, as they were pristine. It suits her I think.

I’m excited to work on the second piece for this client…the two colors were labored over and I LOVE how these two dressers will match up with her vivid Anthropologie quilt. Hopefully the weather, and my pregnant self, will cooperate this upcoming week so I can have some pictures of Pixie’s companion. ‘Till then!

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