Growing up in California, I was “fortunate” to experience 6th grade camp.  Few memories remain of that adventure:  it rained (what were the chances? It NEVER rains in southern California), we had Salisbury steak (a lie for which I still blame camp leaders–there is nothing “steak” about Salisbury steak), and we couldn’t take any Manzanita wood…even if we found it on the ground (it is protected by law).  Now, Manzanita is pretty, don’t get me wrong, but I wanted a piece so bad and I have to admit that it was because it was forbidden.  Yeah, I’m like that.
When I learned that California Poppies were our state flower, I was bummed.  “Great, one more thing I can’t pick.” How thrilled was I when I discovered that they could be picked, plucked, or anything else I might imagine to do with them?!  Woohoo!  It’s been a love affair with poppies ever since.  Beautiful, fancy, but not so snobby that they are above being admired from a vase.
Speaking of flowers perfect for picking, my neighbors have a lush garden that I secretly want to sneak into one day and read a book on the sun-dappled lawn (Yes, I get a little carried away at the thought).  And wouldn’t you know they had these enormous poppies just flaunting themselves, begging to be part of my furniture photo shoot?  Because they were so desperate for my attention, I mustered up the courage to ask my neighbor for a few clippings.  He obliged and I got myself a vase of brilliant orange ornamental poppies…the perfect shade for this table.  I also scored one huge peony that also stars atop the piece.  But more on that in another post.
I love how the aqua hexagonal knobs add some rigidity and geometry to the curvy feel of the piece…a hint of modern and a bit masculine juxtaposed with the feminine form of the table.  Lurking within, the Loft Larks Anthropologie paper lines the drawer, a perfect compliment in shade and design.  Poppy is practically perfect in every way.
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