Roger “Wilko”

Our journey through medical school and Orthopedic residency has its perks…especially the people we meet.  One of our residency friends just graduated (so jealous) and is heading off to start a Fellowship (yes, it doesn’t end here!).

One of my favorite childhood books is, “We Were Tired of Living in a House.”  This is a tale of siblings who run away from home and try out various terrain in hopes of finding a place better than home.  Each stop in their runaway adventure results in more things to pack.  They always had their essentials, “So we packed our bags with sweaters and socks and scarves…” but as they venture on, they pick up some souvenirs along the way, “…and scarlet leaves and gold and a frog who was a particular friend…”  This is how the “Wilkos” must feel after their stint in Syracuse…packing up 5 pieces of Vintage Charm furniture (plus 2 for a cousin) in addition to their essentials.

I have to admit that when these two tables were delivered, I wasn’t inspired by their dark color nor their design.  But after a coat or two of Duck Egg chalk paint, I fell in love.  Topped off with those great coral-orange knobs and I had a hard time parting with them.  What a difference some paint makes!

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