I love the name Rose.  For me, it has so many happy associations.  One of my grandmother’s favorite flowers was a Lincoln Rose and anytime I smell a rose I think of her.  She would cut them and have them floating in a bowl of water or displayed in a vase, usually one of her milk glass ones I admired.  I’m a fan of Neil Diamond (I’m not gonna lie) and remember loving the song Cracklin’ Rose growing up.  It still makes me happy to hear it.  And in college I wrote a paper on Rosie the Riveter (picture a woman donning a bandana and flexing her bicep:  “We can do it!”) and was fascinated by all the women who flooded the workforce during the war.  I still adhere to their mantra, especially when wielding my power tools in the garage.

This sweet dresser was scooped up by a client who had commissioned a different piece altogether, but when it came time to pick it up. she fell in love with this one instead.  Who can blame her?  She’s pretty irresistible.  Lined with brown and white modern-print paper that picks up the dark brown undertones of the wood, and finished off with the metal sphere knobs, this Rose is worthy of her name.

PS-I should have included a Rose in the shoot, but I can’t get enough of these poppies!

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