Saba and the “Red Hot”

My good friend (and owner of the second half of my personal library) commissioned me to do a work that promised to be time consuming–but how much time neither of us knew.  Working on previously painted furniture always adds time to a project due to the fact it most likely will need to be stripped and/or sanded.  This is much more the case when working on a vintage dinning set where it has decades worth of paint that doesn’t feel like responding very enthusiastically to any attempt at removing its built-up history.

Enter:  the “Red Hot.”  Saba, the heroine of a series I recently completed, is a fighter and a survivor–both of which can be attributed to the fierce ”red hot” sensation she gets when she is in danger or when a loved one is threatened.  I love this phrase, because it totally captures the instantaneous flash of frustration (and, must I admit, anger), when one of my children does something extremely aggravating or when a piece of furniture isn’t cooperating.  Many a moment did I experience the Red Hot while working on this set, from the stripping, to the tape designed for “painted surfaces” peeling off paint upon removal, to having paint bleed through the “edge lock” of the tape and having to use the tiniest wisp of a detail brush to fill it back in.  It’s a really good thing I love how it all turned out, or I  might otherwise have been posting pictures of a chair or two stacked in my fire pit (yes, I did consider this at one point).

Enough about my temper issues and on to the set.  This amazing table is actually an engraved tin-topped number with intricate details of squirrels and swirling designs.  Not wanting to compete with the black-and-white motif, we accentuated it with a two-toned approach both on the table and the chairs.  I think the table alone lost at least 10 lbs. in paint removal and really slimmed down it’s silhouette .  It’s so fun to see this incredible table resurrected from an enduring suffocation by paint.  Hopefully, she’ll resist the temptation to add any excess weight and stay slim and sleek (or my Red Hot may kick back in!).

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