Sweet Child

This sweet dresser was commissioned for a wee client of mine. It accompanies her bookshelf, “Pidge.” I love the sweetness of the pale pink, juxtaposed with the sassy metallic and glass knobs. Certainly adds a little attitude–which is something little girls rarely come without (in my case at least).

A little background: one upon a time, a “sweet child” fell in love with Guns n’ Roses. She decorated over her Holly Hobby wallpaper with posters and wall calendars, blasted the music while standing nearby her boombox to mute the bad words, and eventually got so carried away that she snuck out and attended a concert while insisting she had gone “babysitting.” I think my parents and I laugh about it now…but I don’t blame them if they still find it a bitter memory. Oh the things we put our parents through. Hopefully they’ve forgiven me and know that I can once again claim to be their “sweet child” (though I think the word “sweet” is a bit of a stretch). Please tell me they haven’t put the “parents curse” on me or I’m in for a world of hurt!!

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