Two Faced

You know that feeling you get when something fits just right? In my family, there’s an expression for something that is a perfect fit: “pic-pac.” It seems I may have shared this before, but quoting from my paternal family’s “Glossary of Terms,” pic-pac is an adjective used to describe “an object crafted to fit pleasingly into one’s hand or pocket an who’s components, if they exist, engage snugly with a crisp ‘click.'” This calls to mind the image of a swiss army knife.

Well I faced a problem with this piece when not one, but two knob styles gave me that pic-pac feeling. Both fit into my design pleasingly, and with new drawer slides installed, there’s even a satisfying “click” when using the drawers. I couldn’t decide between the edgy red, or the soft pink. So I decided to let the buyer choose. What’s your vote?

I also want to add a shout-out to my son who helped with the magazine trees. I did this shoot before Christmas and loved having these trees, complete with stain and wax cans for trunks.

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