I am so excited to finally have “Vin” ready to show!  It’s been love at first sight with this little lovely, and I wanted to do something new with her.  Inspiration struck and I was out the door looking for metallic paint, stencils, and knobs that would pull the look together.  I couldn’t be happier with the end result.  One thing that took a bit of time was building a custom drawer.  If you can believe it, the large drawer at the bottom was originally just a faceplate with space for a drawer, but nothing there.  What a waste, especially since this is the most solid piece I’ve ever worked on (we could barely lift it into the car).  I didn’t want “Vin” to be shorted at all, so my sweet husband constructed a custom drawer for it and it works like a dream.  Oh, and the paper from Smudge Ink is perfection!
Nerd alert:  the namesake for this piece is a character in a book…a hardcore fantasy book.  In this book, people use metals to enhance their abilities (I warned you about the nerd factor).  When digested, different metals have different effects.  Pewter, for example, makes one stronger, bronze-faster and so on.  Vin, an unassuming street urchin, discovers she possess the power to use all metals, a rare gift, and becomes a heroine.  Just like the character, Vin had a humble beginning, but boy do those metals enhance her?!  I haven’t calculated this one’s strengths with the gold, silver and bronze paint though.  If I’ve intrigued you, the book is Mistborn by Brandon Sanderson.  If I’ve scared you, my apologies.
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