Growing up, we had a VHS of “Race for Your Life Charlie Brown.” Although never a central character, Woodstock always seemed to come to the rescue, albeit in a very nonchalant manner. I must admit that Woodstock was my favorite, though it did bother me that he didn’t talk (though his expressions and actions said it all). Who knew that something so small and non-verbal could have so much personality?

In addition to sharing an egg yolk hue, both Woodstock and, initially, this dresser were mute. I was so excited when I picked it up, fell in love with the paint color and painted it right away. My husband even commented on how much the color really popped. And then I distressed it. Bad move. For some reason, it just ruined the look. 2nd attempt: sanded it down, repainted, and didn’t distress. Then I worked on the cupboard, which I was originally going to stencil with a cool modern pattern. FAIL. 3rd attempt: sanded it down, repainted (just the cupboard this time, thankfully), and decided on Lofty Larks wallpaper from Athropologie. Home run, except for the fact that due to some hiccup on their end, I didn’t get the wall paper for a month. ARGH! (Wasn’t that one of Charlie Brown’s catchphrases?. Thankfully it was worth the wait. I love the paper, the colors, and how it compliments the paint. I even had a sample of paint for the inside of the cupboard in my stash…now things were starting to fall in place.

I’m so happy with the finished product, though it was a journey with this little yellow number. Glad to say she’s talkin’ to me now!

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